Writing credibility – what does it take to get it?

March 14, 2010

Over the past few days I have spent a lot of time reading the blogs of professional entertainment writers. People who work for magazines and newspapers and have many years of experience. I then spent some time looking at the blogs of people like myself who write articles and blogs about entertainment because they are trying to earn a little money and genuinely love what they are doing.

My question is this: What does it take to be considered a professional? Because what I see from newspaper/magazine writers is snobbery. I see people slating things that aren’t considered “cool” and heaping praise onto those who don’t actually need it. For my part, I will always write with honesty and if that means admitting that I love cheesy boybands, that is what I will do. But will this damage my credibility as a writer? Is this going to be my downfall?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!



  1. and I agree, they are not down to earth,I prefer blogs like YOURS, always more info xx

    • Thank you 😀 The professionals are obviously professionals for a reason but sometimes I wonder if there isn’t a certain amount of arrogance that can sneak in when they know millions of people are listening to what they say. :S I don’t know,it was just something that has been on my mind the last few days.

      I’m new to it all, maybe after more experience I will understand it better. 🙂

  2. It depends… are we talking about credibility as experience, or are we talking about credibility as a journalist, or what? They all have different criteria and expectations.

    WHO is issuing the credibility is another big difference.

    • I was thinking of credibility as a journalist – but any form of writing really.

      You’re absolutely right about who issues the credibilty also. I suppose like most things it is a matter of a opinion.

  3. Sadly, I think snobbery and rudeness generate a lot of attention. People actually think those who have their nose in the air about most things and have strong negative opinions are the most reliable or at least the most fun to watch (read, listen to).

    I think, however, many are learning that behavior is just a show of drama aiming to get people to pay them attention. For real info, they don’t want to look to those insanely critical types. More are seeking out unbiased reporters or reporters who criticize but don’t knock others’ opinions like you.

    It just takes time to get noticed, and a big media company backing you wouldn’t hurt. I think Jaimie has a good point: Who is issuing the credibility makes a great deal of difference.

    You’ll get there. Your reporting rocks my socks and what you’re seeing in the others entertainment bloggers and writers is less credibility but more smoke and mirrors.

    • I agree that negativity does tend to get a lot of attention – that’s how Simon Cowell got so many fans! :p

      I also agree that a lot of people see through that behaviour which is a really good thing for me!! I’m not saying I will never criticise anyone but I will always try to do so as nicely as I can *lol*

      Thank you for your support!! ❤

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