X Factor star is beginning to shine!

March 18, 2010

In 2009 X-Factor was the cause of many a controversy. John and Edward Grimes, now known as “Jedward” split the UK in half as people debated over whether or not they deserved their place in the ITV show. Although many were against them, week after week they continued to be voted through to the next round. The biggest upset came when the judges on the show refused to pick between Lucie Jones and John and Edward, and so the final decision went back to the public. Millions were outraged when talented Welsh singer Lucie Jones was ousted from the show and the backlash against the Irish twins was incredible.

Drama aside though, last year’s X Factor produced some great talent. My favourite of which is Olly Murs. The twenty five year old From Essex was and still is very popular and has been tipped for great things by people with far more knowledge than me!

For more info about Olly, see this article on his future potential! Let me know what you think!

Finally, as promised my review of the Glee Soundtrack Volume Two – sorry it took so long!



  1. That was a fun performance.

    I don’t watch a lot of reality TV, but I’ll admit, I kinda liked that. 😀

  2. I’m not a huge reality tv fan,but I LOVE X Factor. Leona Lewis is the best thing to come out of it so far but there are a few more heading to America that you will probably hear about soon 😀

  3. He has a great voice! I don’t watch reality TV either, but that was cool.

    • It helps that he’s cute too! 😀 *lol*

  4. I tipped Joe from the very beginning and I am pleased he did win, I love the x factor, great post xx

    • For me, Joe reeks of musical theatre *lol* I don’t dispute his talent, but as a popstar I just didn’t get it. I was always an Olly fan 😀

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