And now for something a little different….

March 20, 2010

It’s Saturday! Instead of doing my usual entertainment post, I thought that as it’s the weekend, I would ring the changes a little bit.

As most of you have probably realised by now, I am a writer. Entertainment writing is something I love but that isn’t all I do. Before I started article writing I wrote fanfic, short stories and I am also writing a novel. Okay, so I have been writing the novel for a really long time and there is a chance it will never get finished, but it’s there for me when I’m ready to go back to it. My point is, I like variety.

On my forum we used to hold a weekly writing contest. Everyone would write a short story on a given topic and it was always a challenge to come up with something creative. It was a challenge I relished though. Writing a story based on a prompt like “Caught in the rain” or “a scary adventure” was a way of breaking out of my comfort zone and trying an idea I would never have thought of, or writing in a different style than usual.

By far my favourite “prompt” was song fics. You take a song, and based on the sound or the lyrics, write a story about it. Every time we did it I was amazed at what everyone came up with. Sometimes there is only one meaning to a song, but other times everyone interprets them differently.

That is what music does to people though. It can make them think and feel and discuss and debate. That is why I love it.

I’d like to share two of my favourites with you. The first is called Back At Your Door, based on the song of the same title by Maroon 5 which is posted below. It’s about a complicated relationship and the pain of not quite knowing where you stand. The second is called Time To Go, based on Songbird by Eva Cassidy. This one is about a woman trying to come to terms with her husband’s imminent death. Both stories are very different in many ways but both are about how much pain can sometimes be caused by loving someone.

Have you ever tried writing a song fic? If so, please feel free to share it here, I’d love to see!



  1. cool, good luck with the book great post xxx

  2. I loved the writing contests. I was the opposite, the song fics were the hardest to write, but I enjoyed the challenge.

    • Lol, it was slightly easier when we picked our own songs but I really liked it better when we all had to make something from the same thing. 😀

  3. Oh, that sounds fun. I’d love the challenge. I need to join up and keep meaning to, but man… just get lost in busyness.

    • We stopped doing the contests a while ago because nobody was joining in anymore, but if we can get enough interest it would be great to start them back up again! 😀

  4. It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it’s always possible to find something new. 🙂

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