Dancing on Ice final left me feeling cold

March 29, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Dancing on Ice! For me, it’s the only thing that makes Sundays interesting(besides Glee!). But last night’s final left me feeling a bit cheated. Obviously, the best skaters won and that is how it should be. But let’s not dismiss the fact that Hayley Tamaddon has had some time to prepare, AND was partnered with someone she already knew. Don’t quote me on this, but I thought that Hayley once said that she used to skate with Daniel Whiston when she was a kid. This was a long time ago, incidentally on a Dancing on Ice show where celebrities were talking about their favourites. Sadly I cannot find any evidence of this, so it will remain as speculation. But pairing her with someone she already had a connection with gave her a huge head start. Hayley’s talent is undeniable. Her flying routine was beautiful,Jai-Ho was absolutely immaculate and the Bolero was lovely. But I was hoping for a repeat of Dancing on Ice Season One, when Bonnie Langford was unexpectedly ousted from the contest after being the favourite to win.

For me,Kieron and Brianne were the winners. After being constantly picked on for being a weakling and suffering from serious lack of confidence, Kieron Richardon came a long way. He may not have technically been the best skater but he certainly knew how to put on a performance! Sadly, all my voting was in vain and the more obvious person won. A show is less entertaining when the winner is obvious.

Now, onto Music Monday! I was looking for something cool to post here,and I found a work of creative genius! On YouTube, a guy named RyanJamesYezak posted this amazing re-make of Lady Gaga’s controversial video for Telephone. I couldn’t let Music Monday go by without sharing! All the info for the person who posted, and the people who starred in the video or mentioned in the link I posted up there. I had absolutely no part in its creation, merely an appreciation of the brilliance!

The REAL Lady Gaga Telephone video can also be found on YouTube, so check that out too if you haven’t seen it yet because it is EPIC!



  1. very good point Karen, yes she did have an advantage more than most, however like u I will be lost without it, and like u I agree the winner was correct, great post xx

  2. Dancing on Ice is one of my favourite tv shows ever *lol* I just wish it was a bit more of a competition with a less obvious winner sometimes :S Ah, well only a year to wait til its back *lol*

  3. That was an interesting video. Well done, though. 😀

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