I have a confession…

May 4, 2010

I have absolutely no entertainment news today! I don’t know how this has happened, but the world of celebrity is incredibly boring right now and as such I haven’t been writing anything on the subject so today I am going to go way off topic and talk about a slight change in my writing.

Recently there have been some changes at AC which was the first delay in me writing. They now require a tax form from non-U.S residents and while it is being processed I won’t be getting paid. So I joined Helium to keep me writing until AC have got everything sorted for me. Helium is a lot different to what I’m used to and you don’t get paid for page views the way you do at AC. Instead there is a ranking system. From what I understand – PVs play a role, but also your fellow Helium writers get to rate articles too and they end up sliding up and down in the rankings. In order to get a decent payment it seems you need to have high rankings at the end of the month – at least that is how I understand it – if I’m wrong please correct me!

This is a link to my articles there so far. Please take a look and let me know what you think! If it doesn’t work right away, please try again, sometimes the pages fail.  I am working hard to keep my ranking high but they are slipping so I guess I need to learn what to do to make them better!

If you’re still reading – thank you! Normal entertainment style posts will resume soon!



  1. I tried to click that link and was told to sign up for Helium. Do I have to sign up for the site to see your content library?

  2. Have fun at Helium? Or at least, try.

    I stopped writing there a long time ago – the site is confusing for users, the communication is poor between staff and writers, and the rating system is flawed terribly. The only thing worth going for is the Marketplace, imo, but the maintenance you have to keep up on your account is too much for a chance at a $10 payment on an article that goes live to site if they don’t accept it.

    • Urgh, okay thanks for the heads up. I don’t love it but the variety of titles to pick from is making me write more *lol*

      I will give it some more time before I make a decision on whether to stay. It was just something to do while AC were messing about. 😀

      • Yep, I completely understand. 🙂 And yes, Helium offers some great inspiration. I always made more at AC though, even dragging them over as non exclusive duplicate content!

        But y’know, tax crap is tax crap. You do what ya gotta.

  3. I was wondering how things were going for you there. I looked at the site while reading one of your articles the other day and it sounds terribly confusing. Not sure I like the idea of the ranking system. Hopefully AC will sort out your tax papers soon. *hugs*

    • Should all be okay by the end of the week – but it has taken them forever to answer my email *sigh*

      I don’t know whether to cut my losses and get my stuff off Helium and post on AC instead *lol*

  4. heheh they are behaving for a change lol

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