Enormous blog post!

May 30, 2010

Yep, it’s been a loooong time! The reason being there simple hasn’t been much to report lately. However, over the next few days I will be catching you up on articles and gossip from the last week!

To begin with, I apologise for missing both Flashforward Friday AND Flashforward Saturday, but as this week showed the last episode I guess there is no rush. 😦

There has been a huge wave of support and love for Flashforward since ABC’s decision not to renew, and we have had a whole new bunch of Squirrelio Fans too! YAY! Welcome to all who have joined, and thanks for making the mission to save Flashforward so much fun! 😀 As a thank you, and a reminder of all the hard work we have put in, I wrote this article about the fans opinions on the end of Flashforward.

Here is a link to this week’s podcast if you haven’t heard it yet! There will be one more special podcast to say farewell to Flashforward, so I will keep you posted as to when that’s happening.

Next, I need a little help! This is technically not really entertainment news but I have recently written a lot of articles related to graduation and Father’s Day and I would love it if you would click on them for me!

Gadget Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Gift Certificates for Dad on Father’s Day

Personalised Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Tips for Recent College Grads on Meeting New People

Top Graduation Songs for 2010

Finally – I have Twilight issues. This is no secret, you will surely know this if you have read my blog before. Recently, a whole new annoyance has come to light.  Kristen Stewart. That girl has been whining on and on about the press invading her personal space for a long time. It is understandably hard to deal with photographers, harder than the general public will ever understand, but I felt that she went a little bit far when she said being photographed by the paparazzi was like being raped. THEN, she went on to complain about how the fans want their photo taken with her and post it on Twitter so journalists can find her. Again, I do feel for her. It must be a nightmare to not be able to go anywhere without being followed. But fans are fans. Kristen Stewart made a rather insulting remark which is unlikely to make people like her any better which got me wondering….is she really a good role model?

Sorry for the big mish-mash of news today! Hopefully it will be more organised next time!



  1. Good updates Karen. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything. I am constantly falling behind too.

    • Sorry for the abnormally late reply! I am trying to get back on top of the blogging thing now – hopefully I won’t miss anymore comments!

  2. always great to come here and read your posts xx

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