Joe McElderry is gay

July 31, 2010

Big shock. [/sarcasm]

The most troubling part of that article is that Joe McElderry said he realised he was gay after his Twitter account was hacked and the hacker “outed” him. :p

McElderry has spent the best part of a year OUTRIGHT denying he is gay though. I understand that he is young, his sexuality is nobody’s business but his own, and maybe he hadn’t yet some to terms with it but really. A simple “I don’t think my sexuality has anything to do with my music” would have sufficed. It wouldn’t have stopped the questions, and people would have assumed he was gay. But he is, so what’s the big deal?!

Being gay has never affected anyone’s career, ask Elton John!

I have seen some comments that have suggested McElderry would not have won X Factor had he revealed he was gay.I must disagree.The same happened with Will Young and Alex Parks (who won Fame Academy). Frankly, knowing which way they swing could not interest me less. If Will Young had come out while he was on Pop Idol, he would not have lost my support because he still would have had the best voice.

The fact that a person’s sexuality MUST be revealed to the public in this day and age angers me.  What difference does it really make? If Joe McElderry releases great music that people enjoy does it really matter who he is in a relationship with?



  1. I agree! Sexuality shouldn’t matter.

  2. I knew he was gay from the get go, but as you say who cares eh xxx

    • Well indeed! It’s not going to make any difference to his music, so what’s the big deal? xx

  3. i am a certified Gleek and i really love the TV Show GLEE. Diana is very pretty -,’

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