Robbie Williams is Married – My heart is broken!

August 9, 2010

Haha, not really! Well, maybe a little. I always loved him, as do legions of others both male and female! But alas, he has gotten away from us and finally got married! The lucky lady is an actress named Ayda Field and I am sure she will forever be the envy of many after bagging our favourite happy-go-lucky bachelor!

In honour of Robbie Williams’ wedding (and it’s music monday!), let’s look at the life and times of Robbie Williams! You should know, I had the hardest time narrowing this down!

You have to be/have been a hardcore Take That fan to remember this one! Back in 1992 when Take That were new, this song showed a very young Take That, including a leather clad Robbie!

Robbie taking the vocal lead on Everything Changes. This song brings back so many memories for me! It will forever be a favourite!

Robbie Williams’ first solo single, a cover of Freedom by George Michael

I know everyone knows Robbie Williams for Angels, and although still a favourite, it was too obvious a choice so I am going to replace it with another favourite ballad, Eternity

A change of sound and a controversial video! Rock DJ!

Huge Robbie fans will remember watching this moment, and those who REALLY love him will have and always will cry watching him singing My Way live at the Albert Hall. (and for those who think he is a smug idiot, try to terminate those thoughts because Williams is, in my humble opinion, one of the world’s greatest showmen!)

And finally from the latest album – You Know Me

As you can see, Robbie has had a varied career and I hope married life doesn’t make it stop for too long!

For more news on his big day, read on! Robbie Williams Weds Ayda Field



  1. Cool idea to use his videos!

  2. Hee hee, yes I very much enjoyed the trip down memory lane!

  3. wow never knew that a great tribute xxx

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