Don’t Insult Pixie Lott!

September 13, 2010

Tom Richards Slates Pixie Lott

This kind of story INFURIATES ME! When you audition for anything you are expected to take criticism gracefully and work on it. This boy didn’t even listen to a word Simon Cowell said even when they gave him a second chance and he is whining about Pixie Lott! Several things trouble me about this article.

“Richards questioned whether Lott, 19, was too young to be on the judging panel, and admitted that he was shocked by the ‘Turn It Up’ singer’s reaction.

He told The Sun: “Pixie was only a few years older than me. Having a guest judge on the show practically the same age as me was difficult to handle.”

There is a vast difference between a sixteen year old and a nineteen year old  and that gap only gets bigger when you have been in the public eye as Lott has. I am a huge Pixie Lott fan, but even if I wasn’t I can see that she has got a definite eye and ear for what is good and what isn’t. Not once did she criticise Tom Richard’s performance – she told him he had talent just not necessarily pop music talent.  There is no shame in that – in fact it is pretty much a fantastic comment and any singer should be happy with it. Musical theatre is not something just anyone can do – it takes a level of skill that is different to that of pop stars, and is technically quite a lot harder to achieve. Anyone can belt out a Spice Girls song but not everyone can reach the high notes that are achieved in musicals like Wicked and even Grease!

Miley Cyrus was a mentor on American Idol and came under some criticism for being too young – but that girl has showbiz in her blood and while it might have felt weird to the older contestants to get advice form someome younger, it doesn’t make it any less valuable.

Tom Richards then went on to let this little gem slip out:

“”They should have had another man on the panel – someone successful like Robbie Williams or Gary Barlow. Even blooming Tom Jones would have been better than Pixie!”

*cough* Pixie Lott is not successful? Really? And then following it with a derogatory comment like “Even Tom Jones would have been better”. Well yes, being that he has been around for what seems like forever he may well have been a better judge than Pixie but the phrasing of this comment makes me bristle with irritation. Tom Jones is a legend. Pixie Lott is a rare talent with a gorgeous voice, a great personality and the talent to go a long, long way.

There is no denying that Tom Richards has a fantastic voice but I would not buy his music in a million years. In the same way that I don’t “get” joe McElderry as a pop star (though I love his voice and think he is adorable), Tom Richards belongs on a West End stage and not on MTV.



  1. It is with an unabashed love of all things Europop that I would like to take a moment to step on my Ry guy’s toes and talk about a musician I am obsessed with. Her name is Pixie Lott (swear) and her single, “Mama Do,” has been banging around my brain for days now. Pixie absolutely screams pre-packaged pop star — it might have something to do with her Duffy-lite voice, Saturdays-esque imagery and Lady GaGa inspired styling — but I don’t mean that as an insult. Her first album, “Turn It Up,” is due out in September and boasts “American Idol” judge Kara Dioguardi as a producer.
    But at the end of the day, it’s all about the music, and “Mama Do” is more addictive that a crack-covered Sudoku puzzle!

    • LOL! She IS a pre-packaged pop star in the Duffy-esque sense but she is also one of those rare people who has the glow of magic around her (maybe it’s her name *lol*) that makes her stand out from the crowd. I adore her!

  2. I think your right, and I did watch that 🙂

    • I wish I could stop watching but I just can’t! *lol*

  3. Some people…. *eye roll*

    Good post! 🙂

    • I know, right? The sad thing is, he is being tipped for big success already :S

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