Words fail me….

September 15, 2010

Nadine Coyle says Cheryl Didn’t Reply

I understand the nature of milking celebrity news for publicity – which Nadine Coyle seems to suddenly be doing in light of her having a new album coming soon – but this odd suggestion about whether or not Cheryl Cole really had malaria seems a bit far-fetched to me. She didn’t say or directly imply that she thought that Cheryl wasn’t ill, but it seems fairly obvious from the hospital photos of concerned relatives that she was definitely very, very unwell so her answer of “I don’t know” doesn’t exactly give off a good impression.

As I have mentioned – I am not a Nadine Coyle fan, I do not believe that she is the most talented of Girls Aloud – merely one of the most well known due to her famously auditioning for talent shows while she was underage.

It is also understood that it can’t be helped that she is asked about her friendship with Cheryl Cole, and that is what people are interested in. But I can’t help feeling it would be in her best interests to quit talking about it before she gives the impression that she is a) trying to damage Cheryl’s reputation and b) using Cheryl’s name to get herself in the news.

In order not to add to her publicity, I will not be mentioning her name again on my blog :p



  1. I agree dear, cheryl is better and I believe she was ill 😉

  2. Why would anyone fake malaria? For pete’s sake! Celebs will do anything for publicity!

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