Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson Together Again?

September 17, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson to Re-Unite On Screen?

Harry Potter fans will know that RPattz and Emma Watson were co-stars in HP and the Goblet of Fire, but according to reports that MAY work together again the movie Dark Arc. For full details, clik on the link above!

Although I am in no way a fan of Emma Watson ‘s acting skills, the idea of the two of them working together actually makes me quite excited. I want to know if she can act better in a different movie. I watched Ballet Shoes and she was okay in that, but I have yet to see anything about her that makes me think “WOW!”. In interviews, she seems like an all-round awesome girl and her work on fairtrade fashion is to be applauded but I want to see some top calss acting from her!! If it happens to be with Robert Pattinson, all the better!



  1. I agree Emma’s acting is spotty at best, but i have never seen her in anything other then HP.

    • Ballet Shoes was a tv film, I think – and her acting wasn’t superb in that either. The only HP film I thought she was good in was PoA.

      And I really wanna sit down and watch all the movies now! *lol*

  2. Sounds like a remake would be good. Seems like it has potential. I have my doubts about Pattinson though. He is just so… blah.

    • But…but he’s so beautiful! *lol*

  3. you learn something new everyday xx

  4. I’ve never seen Emma Watson in anything besides the Harry Potter movies so this should be interesting to see.

    • It definitely will be, I want to see if there is more to her than being pretty! *lol*

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