Simon Cowell is NOT God

September 22, 2010


I have been quite a Simon Cowell fan for most of the time he has been on TV, but it is starting to irk me that he feels he can “play God” with people’s careers. Yes, X Factor is his show, his idea, his creation. But it is not okay to threaten the people who have brought extra publicity to his show if they don’t force themselves to like each other. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I am not a Danni Minogue fan. In my humble opinion, she comes across as phony. But this whole “Danni and Cheryl don’t like each other” thing doesn’t paint Cheryl Cole in a great light either.:(

The most disturbing part of the above article is Cowell’s comment that Cheryl and Danni are bringing negativity to the programme! Reports about the two not getting on are not new and not really that well reported. It’s not like they are backstage pulling each other’s hair and slagging each other off in the papers (though I have no idea what is written in the autobiographies they have both written). They – allegedly – simply don’t talk.  What brings negativity to the programme is allowing people who are unfit/unhealthy to be forced into the limelight!



  1. I’m not really a Simon fan, but he does seems very controlling.

    • I think – and forgive the momentary stereotyping – but you have to actually be British to “get” him. He is very typical Englishman, but you know….rude lol!

  2. I agree Karen he can overdo it, great post xx

    • He is getting too big for his boots I think lol!

  3. Great post! You should definitely follow up on this topic!?!

    Yours truly,

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