Raindrops and Roses – My first book and a small preview!

October 28, 2010

Today I wanted to do something a little different. Although I have been very busy reporting on the entertainment news, I have also had another project going on on the side for a while. For the last few months I was writing a collection of short stories for a book. With a lot of hard work and help from my friends, I finally got my first book published! It goes by the name of Raindrops and Roses and it holds many stories about life, love, death and growing up. There is even a ghost story thrown in there!Take a look at the following exerpt from one of the stories inside Raindrops and Roses, entitled Where She Came From



“Could you please hurry up and pick a hotel?” Andy growled, with just a hint of frustration.


Hannah turned her head from the PC monitor and said, “I thought you were helping me choose.”


From his spot on the sofa, Andy rolled his eyes the way he always did when he felt he was being asked to do something unreasonable. Without a word, he stood up and made his way back towards Hannah, crouching down so his eyes were level with the screen.


“This is your thing, Hannah,” he told her, “Remember? Plus, you told me you always wanted to go to Italy so that’s what we’re going to do. If you ever decide on a place to stay, that is.”


Looking down at him, she said, “You make me sound ungrateful. I just want this to be perfect, Andy. If I feel like I am dragging you around the whole time, I’m not going to have much fun.”


For a while, Andy was silent and Hannah used the time to consult the pages of notes she had jotted down about Rome hotels to see if anything took her fancy. It was almost impossible to narrow it down though. She was all too aware that Andy was fussy and while he would simply say he was happy that she was happy, she really wanted him to have some input. It was the first holiday they had been able to afford in a long time and it meant the world to Hannah that they could finally do it. The trip had been a long time coming but with Andy being so uncooperative she was starting to wonder if the whole thing was a big mistake.


“I don’t want to go,” he said, quietly.


His words caused a cold jolt of panic inside Hannah, and she said, “You don’t want to go?”


Andy shook his head. As he fixed his green eyes on hers, she saw the worry radiating from them and she softened a little.


“I’m scared,” he told her, “I’m scared it won’t be everything you want it to be. What if you don’t find all the answers you’re looking for?”


“I don’t expect to find all the answers,” Hannah told him, honestly, “And if you think I’m not afraid too, you really don’t know me at all.”


Placing his hand on hers, he said, “I know you’re scared too. And knowing that, I don’t understand why you want to go so badly. Isn’t what you have here enough for you?”


“If that’s how you feel, why didn’t you say before we booked the flights?”


When Andy didn’t reply, Hannah stood up and began pacing the living room floor. He always did this. Always kept quiet so as not to upset her. She had explained to him over and over that for their relationship to work, he had to be honest no matter what but he still censored himself, only to became confused when she lost her temper.


“It’s important to you,” Andy explained, “I want to support you, I will support you but I hate the idea that this trip might break your heart.”


“I know that,” Hannah told him, “I know that I may come home feeling worse than I already do but if there is even a small chance that I can fill this enormous, gaping hole in my existence then I have to give it a try. If I don’t find out, it will drive me crazy.”


“We could go on a different holiday,” Andy suggested, “We could go to Seville and eat oranges, or stay in England and I’ll pick you a spring daffodil to wear when I take you out for dinner!”


A giggle escaped Hannah’s lips at his crazy ideas, and she said, “But in Rome we can throw a coin in the Trevi fountain!”


“One step at a time, Han. You might not want to go back again.”


With a slow nod, Hannah said, “You’re right. On the other hand, everything could work out perfectly and we could come home happier than ever.”


To read the rest of this story and the entire book, you can purchase it by clicking this link: Raindrops and Roses by Karen Sanders


Thanks guys!



  1. well bravo dear, this sounds brilliant xxx

  2. Thanks William! x

  3. It’s so amazing that you’re published. Congratulations!

    I like your Words from the Author: “Shhh…I’m trying to concentrate!”

    • Thanks! 😀

      Lol, yeah those are definitely some of the most uttered words in my house!

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