Dancing On Ice is back!

January 10, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

I know it has been a freakishly long time since I have posted here but with the holidays and then being struck down with a cold I haven’t much felt like blogging 😦

Now we are getting towards the middle of January though, it’s time for me to get back into the swing of things and I am going to start by sharing my love of Dancing On Ice with you!

After originally thinking the concept of Dancing On Ice was a little bit lame, I have been addicted since the first series! It looks like this series will be no exception with a great bunch of celebrities involved including Kerry Katona, Vanilla Ice (lol), Denise Welch and LCpl Johnson Beharry.

Last night was the first show and it didn’t disappoint. It had the usual amount of nervous performances and frightened celebrities but there were some great performances too. The one thing that continues to irritate me is having Emma Bunton on the judging panel. I understand that she knows some stuff about dancing as she was a Spice Girl, but frankly she just sits there looking like she is pretending to know what she is talking about and whenever she is harsh on someone I want to scream “What the hell do you know?!” The loss of Nicky Slater as a judge is one that I was fairly happy about but at least he knew about skating. I miss Karen Barber being  a judge but they still ask her opinion on everything so it’s kind of like she is still one of them. My final annoyance for this series is the scoring. Every other year they have scored ice skating style – out of 6. Now there are less judges they score out of ten. Don’t like it.

Anyway, now I am done complaining *lol* Here is a recap of the first Dancing On Ice show of 2011!


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