F is for Flashforward

April 7, 2011

Anyone who knows me well could probably have predicted a Flashforward post today! For those who don’t know, ABC’s Flashforward was probably my favourite TV show of all time. from start to finish I was gripped with the characters, the plot, and the whole concept of how people would cope if they got a glimpse of where they would be in six months time. So obsessed was I, that my friend Eva and I began a podcast, Squirrelio Fans!

I have to say, Flashforward really did a lot for me. As many great shows do, Flashforward introduced me to a new world of amazing people. Flashforward fans actually are the best, and I made some awesome new friends while I was busy obssessing!

I will always be sad that the show was abruptly brought to a halt by ABC because there was so much more to come. So many loose ends. However, even though it met an untimely end, I will always be grateful for its existence and will never fully let go of the hope that one day, it might come back!



  1. Flashforward was a great show, and each episode got better and better, still makes me sad it got canceled!

    • Definitely an amazing show, cancelled far too soon 😦

  2. Never got a chance to watch Flashforward, but it reminds me of Firefly – yanked before its time!
    Hope you’re enjoying the Challenge.

    • Yup, Firefly suffered a similar fate!

      I LOVE this challenge! I have had to take a couple of days out due to being slammed with work, but I should be back to normal today!

  3. I have to get around to watching this. I watched the first show and it was great, but then life got in the way. It seems like a fantastic premise.

  4. I only watched to first couple episodes, I appreciated the concept but wanted the story to progress faster.

    • I think a lot of people felt that way, unfortunately. The pacing was a little off, but once it got moving, boy did it go fast!

  5. I saw advertisements for the show on TV, but never actually watched it. Sounds interesting.

    • It really was excellent. The cast was fab!

  6. I love Flashforward and I keep hoping it’ll come back in our future too!

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