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I is for Imbruglia

April 11, 2011

I know this is kinda “old skool” but I always loved Natalie Imbruglia. She didn’t release the normal cheesy crap former soap stars usually put into the charts. Instead, she was edgy, quirky and her lyrics often had meaning. She was most known for her enormous hit, “Torn” but the song below is one of my favourites!


E is for Entertainment News

April 6, 2011

Yup, that is what this blog is all about! Entertainment news, opinions, thoughts and rants to be precise! When I first began this blog, I had no idea where it was going to go. I was doubtful that anyone would ever read it and that maybe blogging in general was just a waste of time. I was very wrong.

I can’t claim to be one of the best at writing entertainment news, though I do make up for some of the skill I lack with enthusiasm *lol* I have always been interested in the world of celebrity. I think I must have been a theatre actress or a Las Vegas showgirl in a past life because I am drawn in by the bright lights and the excitement!

To share my passion with the world, I recently created a new site dedicated to entertainment news. It is still new and needs a little more work done but if you want to pop over and take a look, you can find it at: A Shining Moment

Hope you all have an awesome day!


D is for Dreams

April 5, 2011

Have you ever had a dream come true? When I was a teenager, one of my biggest dreams came true when I went to a Boyzone concert and saw Stephen Gately live on stage. It sounds distinctly uncool now, but at the time it was the happiest day of my life!

I had posters of Stephen Gately all over my bedroom. I played their first album until I wore it out and I doodled “Mrs Karen Gately” all over my schoolbooks. Of course, he hadn’t revealed he was gay at that point :p

Anyhow, that night at the concert alongside hundreds (it was a small arena!) of screaming fans, I saw the man I wanted to marry. The feeling was pretty surreal. I distinctly remember being ecstatically happy while at the same time, feeling like it wasn’t real.

Teenage crushes on pop stars or movie stars is something most people go through. Stephen Gately was my first genuine celebrity love, swiftly followed by Robbie Williams. Who were your celebrity crushes, and did you ever get to see them in the flesh?


A is for Alden – Erin Alden

April 1, 2011

Before I get started with today’s post, I must let you all know that I am participating in a brand new blogging challenge which will get me posting more regularly! A very awesome blog started the A-Z Blogging Challenge and I figured that as I haven’t been posting too regularly, I ought to get involved! Basically, every day through April (excluding Sundays) I will be posting a new blog entry corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. If you want to join in, just follow the link above or click on the graphic in the sidebar about the challenge. On the official challenge page you will see the enormous list of people who are involved, and it will be a good opportunity to meet brand new bloggers!

So, on to today’s post!

Last year I was given the chance to interview an amazing singer from Los Angeles by the name of Erin Alden. Erin is not only a singer, but a fabulous songwriter too. Her music, which can be heard on her MySpace page, is the kind of music you will find yourself singing throughout the day. It’s catchy, thoughtful and different from much of the dross that can be heard in the charts. Check out more about her here: An Interview With Erin Alden

P.S There is a good chance I posted this interview before, but now seemed like a good time to re-post!


R.I.P Kurt Cobain

March 23, 2011

Recently I was reminded of a fascination I used to have with Kurt Cobain. When I was a teenager, I had a boyfriend who loved Nirvana. Back then, I didn’t really appreciate the music, but I remember thinking there was something about the lead singer that was….charismatic. Unfortunately, by the time I fell in love with him, it was too late. He had ended his life. But as I learned more about him, more about his life and his love of art and music, the more I was saddened by his death.

When I was challenged to write an article about Kurt Cobain last week, I was a little dubious. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that I am not a grunge girl. I like cheesy music and boy bands! But that fascination for the man behind Nirvana was still lurking under the surface. With a little help from my friend, I managed to pull together an article about the life of Kurt Cobain and I must say, I am quite proud of it. I would like to say a huge thanks to Simon Cox for his guidance – your knowledge is incredible!

The Life and Death of Kurt Cobain


Happy Saturday!

March 19, 2011

Hey everyone! I don’t usually do a Saturday post but I am up ready for my day and wanted to share some exciting news!

I now have a brand new website for entertainment articles! This means you will be able to find a variety of articles about music, movies, TV and celebrities all in one handy place. The articles aren’t just my own work. There are contributions from many talented writers, and our tates all differ quite a lot too!

The feed from this blog will be imported to the website also, so it’s a bit like a partner to this blog! I hope you’ll all go and take a look around!


I Believe in a Thing Called…The Darkness!

March 16, 2011

Yes, yes, yes! The Darkness are coming back this summer, which means the high pitched tones of Justin Hawkins will soon be heard on the radio once again! The Darkness are something of a guilty pleasure for me – though whether they really fit that category is a matter of a opinion. Ever since they released I Believe In A Thing Called Love, I have been hooked on their music. Is it profound? Not really. Is it fun? Hell yeah! I much preferred their second album to their first, though after listening to them both recently I was reminded of some of the gems they recorded which I had totally forgotten about.  In the interests of not forgetting them ever again, I wrote an article about the Top 5 Songs by The Darkness. Check them out and let me know what you think!