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B is for Brides

April 2, 2011

Don’t worry, you haven’t clicked on the wrong blog! :p When I say brides, I am of course talking about celebrity brides.

Celebrity weddings are a big deal. At the moment, many people across the world are excited about the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton – a wedding that will possibly go down in history as one of the best of all time. Anyone in the public eye who gets married draws a lot of attention. Talk about the dresses, the guests and who did what at the reception is the stuff of journalists dreams! Not all celeb weddings are reported on for their good taste – some of have been weird to say the least! However, some just get it right. Some of my own favourites are listed in the article link above – take a look and let me know if you agree or disagree! 😀


Lady Gaga’s Hottest Looks! We all know

March 21, 2011

Lady Gaga’s Hottest Looks!

We all know Lady Gaga is a little bit crazy when it comes to fashion. But she doesn’t always look bizarre. Well, okay….she usually does. But she is lucky enough to be able to make bizarre look fantastic. I can’t say I would ever be brave enough to dress the way she does but I think that is what makes her so brilliant. Pushing the boundaries and expresing herself through her clothing. Here is a look at some of Lady Gaga’s best looks!


Congratulations, Colin Firth!

February 28, 2011

Today is a good day. It makes me ridiculously happy when incredible actors get the recognition they deserve. Last night, it was the turn of Colin Firth when he received the Oscar for Best Actor for “The King’s Speech”.  To read all about it, click here and in honour of his achievement, let’s take a look at one of his finest career moments ever…..yeah, it’s one for the girls!


A plea to the press

December 17, 2010

Stop reporting Steve Brookstein’s snarky Twitter comments. That is all.


Another new blog….

September 11, 2010

Hey guys!

I don’t usually post at the weekends but I have promotion to do so here I am! *lol*  I have started a new blog with Tiffany Bailey and Jennifer Amlie and I just wanted to let you all know! It is a place where we will be posting articles that don’t fit into our usual categories – which means you will find all kinds of weird and wonderful info there!

Every week I give a Writing Challenge and that is a part of what I want to promote today! For more info, click here

Also lots of love to Z.J Ascensio for all of her help with promotion! ❤ Thanks so much!


Terry O’Quinn Emmy-less?

August 30, 2010

All I have to say on this matter can be found in here: Why Terry O’Quinn Should Have Won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series


Shameless self promotion!

August 17, 2010

While there is not a whole lot going on in the world of entertainment news except the usual(Katie Price whining, are Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough a couple?,  and another footballer cheats on his girlfriend) I am here to indulge in some shameless self promotion!
Aside from entertainment news, I also write dating and relationships articles for Associated Content. I can’t really post that stuff here though, so I set up a new blog! The link has been on my blogroll for a while but I decided to announce it properly now that is has a few more posts! So, I welcome you to Lollipop Dating – Love Doesn’t Have To Suck!

Keep an eye out in the near future, I will be posting properly soon!