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F is for Flashforward

April 7, 2011

Anyone who knows me well could probably have predicted a Flashforward post today! For those who don’t know, ABC’s Flashforward was probably my favourite TV show of all time. from start to finish I was gripped with the characters, the plot, and the whole concept of how people would cope if they got a glimpse of where they would be in six months time. So obsessed was I, that my friend Eva and I began a podcast, Squirrelio Fans!

I have to say, Flashforward really did a lot for me. As many great shows do, Flashforward introduced me to a new world of amazing people. Flashforward fans actually are the best, and I made some awesome new friends while I was busy obssessing!

I will always be sad that the show was abruptly brought to a halt by ABC because there was so much more to come. So many loose ends. However, even though it met an untimely end, I will always be grateful for its existence and will never fully let go of the hope that one day, it might come back!


Flashforward Update

July 2, 2010

Just when I thought Flashforward Fridays were done, this one came along!

It has been a loooong time since I posted anything on my blog, let alone Flashforward stuff, but I won’t weigh you down with all the details. I will just let you know that the fight to save Flashforward is not over yet and today there was a little more good news:

Flashforward Tops Poll of Most Missed Axed TV Shows

All of the Flashforward info you could need is contained in that article, so I will leave it there for today! Have a great weekend!


Enormous blog post!

May 30, 2010

Yep, it’s been a loooong time! The reason being there simple hasn’t been much to report lately. However, over the next few days I will be catching you up on articles and gossip from the last week!

To begin with, I apologise for missing both Flashforward Friday AND Flashforward Saturday, but as this week showed the last episode I guess there is no rush. 😦

There has been a huge wave of support and love for Flashforward since ABC’s decision not to renew, and we have had a whole new bunch of Squirrelio Fans too! YAY! Welcome to all who have joined, and thanks for making the mission to save Flashforward so much fun! 😀 As a thank you, and a reminder of all the hard work we have put in, I wrote this article about the fans opinions on the end of Flashforward.

Here is a link to this week’s podcast if you haven’t heard it yet! There will be one more special podcast to say farewell to Flashforward, so I will keep you posted as to when that’s happening.

Next, I need a little help! This is technically not really entertainment news but I have recently written a lot of articles related to graduation and Father’s Day and I would love it if you would click on them for me!

Gadget Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Personalised Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Tips for Recent College Grads on Meeting New People

Top Graduation Songs for 2010

Finally – I have Twilight issues. This is no secret, you will surely know this if you have read my blog before. Recently, a whole new annoyance has come to light.  Kristen Stewart. That girl has been whining on and on about the press invading her personal space for a long time. It is understandably hard to deal with photographers, harder than the general public will ever understand, but I felt that she went a little bit far when she said being photographed by the paparazzi was like being raped. THEN, she went on to complain about how the fans want their photo taken with her and post it on Twitter so journalists can find her. Again, I do feel for her. It must be a nightmare to not be able to go anywhere without being followed. But fans are fans. Kristen Stewart made a rather insulting remark which is unlikely to make people like her any better which got me wondering….is she really a good role model?

Sorry for the big mish-mash of news today! Hopefully it will be more organised next time!


It’s a sad day :(

May 14, 2010

After months of tireless work, promoting and spamming Twitter and Facebook with endless requests for people to watch Flashforward and to write letters to ABC to let them know how much they love the show – it is being reported that Flashforward will not be renewed. It isn’t absolutely official yet – at least ABC haven’t announced it –  but the makers of the show and some of the cast have confirmed that Flashforward is over. You can read more here.

On a personal level, it’s painful. I feel that Flashforward wasn’t given a fair chance and am quite sure it would have picked up a lot once Lost ended.

As a presenter of Squirrelio Fans I would like to say thanks so much in particular to David Vox Mullen of Flashforcast for rallying the troops and making everyone stand up and fight for Flashforward. We did all we could but ultimately, the poor ratings system was far too big a hurdle. Thanks also to every single fan who was inspired by David and wrote letters, emails and sent Flashforward related things to ABC – Flashforward fans truly are the BEST!

While today’s news is sad, we are still clinging to the hope that another network will give Flashforward another chance. I will update as soon as I hear more!

On a happier note, we did record our podcast this week! Sadly, Aaron was studying for finals and couldn’t be with us, but Eva and I managed to battle through and provide some lighthearted entertainment for you!  You can listen here or subscribe so you never miss a podcast here. We hope listening goes some way towards cheering you up!


Flashforward Saturday – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

May 1, 2010

Hey peeps! How fast the time is going!

This week’s Flashforward episode was titled Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, named after an intense obstacle course that had to be taken on during FBI training. A lot of crazy stuff happened this week, but sadly there will probably not be a recap as the site I write for has made some changes and therefore I will not be paid for a while. Call me mean, but I am not a fan of people making money from me when I get nothing out of it :p Normal service will resume in some form or another as soon as I find out what’s happening!

As always, we recorded our Squirrelio Fans Flashforward podcast yesterday! Both Eva and myself were a little bit short on time, but it turned out really well. We also had an extra long section from Aaron Johnson this week which is great fun to listen to! Watch out for his impressive attempt at a British accent! 😀

Squirrelio Fans Podcast – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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Flashforward Saturday – The Garden of Forking Paths

April 24, 2010

I’m so sorry for not being around this week! Sometimes life gets a little crazy and this week was another one of those times! I should be posting with better regularity from today though!

Flashforward Saturday is here again, and while I don’t have a recap of The Garden of Forking Paths yet, I will do my best to get one written over the weekend for you. For those who saw it? OH MY GOODNESS! This week’s episode was absolutely incredible! The tension nearly killed me, let alone Demetri! I can honestly say I have never been so scared watching a tv show in my life.I was engrossed, so much so that when it was over I needed to have a long lie down to recover!

When I was done though, I recorded an epic Squirrelio Fans podcast with Eva. One of the longest and funniest podcasts we’ve ever done. If you enjoyed this week’s Flashforward, you’ll love our podcast! We also introduced a brand new member to the Squirrelio Fans team this week! Aaron Johnson is a fellow AC writer and an all round great guy. He agreed to record a selection of his thoughts on the episode so that gave a whole new dynamic to podcast.

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Flashforward Saturday and Autism Speaks

April 17, 2010

Hello hello! Flashforward Saturday is here!

Did you see Flashforward this week?? Talk about another great cliffhanger ending! Dyson Frost is a bad man! For a full recap of the latest episode, Let No Man Put Asunder, click here!

While we’re on the subject of Flashforward, I must take the time to promote a very worthwhile cause. On the show, Ryan Wynott plays Dylan Simcoe. Dylan is autistic and in order to play the part in a believable way, Ryan had to learn some things about autism. Next week, Ryan Wynott will be taking part in a walk in Los Angeles in aid of the autism charity, Autism Speaks. It is a brilliant organisation which you can read about here, and if you want to support Ryan Wynott or find out more about why he got involved,take a look at this article.

Finally, as it is Saturday, it means we recorded a new Squirrelio Fans podcast yesterday. Those of you who haven’t seen Let No Man Put Asunder should wait until you have before downloading. 😉 You can get hear the latest podcast on our website, or download through iTunes! 😀

EDIT: The campaign to save Flashforward is still ongoing! More info in this post!